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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Share The Road Saturday

Share The Road Saturday

As we walk with our Savior, there are so many things we encounter on the "road" of our lives, so let's "Share The Road" with each other.

Let's take this day, at "Christian, Can We Talk", to share your testimony, your praises for the week, a trial you are going through, or a trial you went through and how God brought you through it! If you have a question and you don't know the answer, post it here...maybe someone will have an answer for you. Maybe you want to see if you can "stump" us, post a question and see how many of us get it right! This will be totally open, share whatever you want whether you are looking to uplift someone, or needing to be uplifted!


Does anyone have a great "stump 'em" question for today?

I have HUGE praises this week! After making an agonizing decision about not letting our daughter go to Peru on a missions trip, God affirmed our decision at her physical therapy session. He diagnosed her problem and said there was 'NO WAY" she should go not until all the issues get resolved and she is heading toward healing. Amen!!! God is faithful!
Let's hear some of yours!
Friday, January 29, 2010

Devotional Friday - "So Sleepy" by Pastor Rick Klueg

Devotional Friday
"So Sleepy" by Pastor Rick Klueg from The Baptist Church of Northville

1 Thessalonians 5:6
So then, let us not be like others, who are asleep, but let us be alert and self-controlled

The other night, my wife hit me. I guess that makes us even, because I hit her a good one a few years ago. The circumstances were the same both times: We were sound asleep and having a dream. In my dream, I was involved in a fight with someone, and I punched her on the arm in my sleep. In her dream, Barb said it was something about a giant snake she had to fight off. In both instances, the victim did not take anything personally. You cannot hold anyone responsible for an action taken during sleep! Speaking spiritually, however, God warns us to not be like others, who are asleep!

This verse challenges us to be alert and self-controlled, in contrast to being asleep. The issue is not physical sleep, but this is being used as an analogy for one’s spiritual stance. When someone is asleep, he is unaware of his surroundings. Once I fall asleep at night, I am usually “dead to the world.” I sleep through thunderstorms, sirens, and just about anything else. That is a blessing as far as getting proper rest, but it would make it easy for someone to assault or rob me.
The Greek word used here (the name “Gregory” is derived from it) means to keep awake and be watchful. When I worked as a night watchmen at a boys’ detention center, it was my responsibility to stay awake so that the boys would not escape. We, likewise, need to be spiritually watchful, aware of all that is going on around us. We dare not let Satan find his way into our lives unchallenged. We need to be alert.
A second characteristic of sound sleep is that the sleeper is not in control of his or her actions. I am horrified at the thought of punching my wife, but during that dream I was not able to think and process my actions properly. Sometimes sleeping youngsters will hurt themselves as they roll out of bed. Others damage their teeth by involuntarily clenching them during sleep. They would not think of doing such things if they were awake, but those who are sleeping do not have complete self-control.
Interestingly, the word translated self-controlled is a Greek word that originally referred to being sober, free from the debilitating effects of alcohol. The idea is that there are certain conditions in which a person can be “out of it,” not able to think and act normally. Unlike those who do not know Christ, we are to always maintain a conscious, deliberate control over our actions. Overuse of alcohol is one way to lose that control, but it may be lost any number of other ways, from self-indulgence to apathy.

In a world filled with evil spirits and worldly temptations, and in an age when our Lord could come again at any time, we cannot afford to fall asleep for a moment!
Biblical Doctrine: Soteriology – Although we are securely “in Christ” by our justification, we need carefully to maintain a constant, conscious relationship with our Lord.
My Responsibility: Do not let the world, the flesh, and the devil lull me to spiritual slumber.
Question: Would you say that most Christians today are a bit on the “sleepy” side?
Prayer: Lord keep me awake, fully alert to all that is happening around me, and fully in control of my actions and reactions.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Teen Thursday Hosted by Shelby Sharp

Hey Teen Team!'m a 15 year old Jesus freak and I'm here to host Teen Thursday.
I'm back again with a brand new " Hot Topic", questions, funny video clip and a poll.
I know we will have a good time.
Let's get to know Jesus better. You and me.

Verse of the Week: Genesis 1:26 "Then God said, 'Let us make people in Our image, to be like Ourselves.'"


Image is supposedly everything. So what's self-image? Your self- image is the mental picture you have of yourself. It started being formed the moment you were born, and by the time you were 5 or 6 the person you think you are was so locked into your brain that you madly resist efforts to change it. That doesn't mean you CAN'T change it. Lots of people have moved from a negative to a positive self-image - or from a positive to a negative self-image. The point is this: Once you get a fix on who you think you are, you don't change easily. And since your self-image impacts every responsibility and relationship you have, it's crucial to acquire a health self-image NOW.

If you have a negative self-image, you don't think highly of yourself. Your often pessimistic, lacking in confidence, extremely sensitive to the opinions of others, self-conscious about how you look or perform, constantly wondering what people think of you, clingy in relationships, unsure of how to receive another's love, looking for possessions to make you happy, and speaking negatively about yourself or others. That is not a happy way to be.

A healthy self-image is seeing yourself as God sees you- no more, no less. If you have a healthy self-image, you DO think of yourself - but that's because God thinks highly of you. You accept the reality that God created you in His own image as someone with infinite value and worth.

When you see who you are in Jesus Christ, nothing can every change that. You gain a positive and a healthy view of your self. And you can get ready for God to do things through you. Why? Research shows that people act in ways that fit the mental picture they have of themselves. If you see yourself as a failure, you will act like a failure. You'll also find it hard to believe God wants the best for you.
A healthy self-image bulks you up with the strength to meet not only your own needs but also other's needs. It empowers you to be the kind of friend and Christian God calls you to be.
(taken from Young Devotions 2 by Josh McDowell)


How do you see yourself today? Do you have a HEALTHY SELF-IMAGE, or are you disappointed in how you look and who you are?

Start your comments.............NOW!
Also feel free to share any prayer requests with all of us. We need to be prayer warriors for each other.

If you have a hard time with getting a "profile" to publish your comment you can #1 set up a Google account..which is just your email addy and your password. It just allows you to have a profile to comment..nothing more. #2 you can choose to the "name/URL" profile. All you need is , again, your email addy, and a URL. You can get a URL by going to YOUR Profile page on Facebook...copy and paste the URL found at the top of the page...the "http:// blah blah blah...." and put that in where it asks for "URL". You will have to do that every time though, where getting a Google account will only be once..and it will recognize you every time.

Don't forget to come back and check out all the comments. There is also a CONTEST going on. The contest is to see if we, the TEENS, can get more comments on THIS post than the adults got on any theirs. We need to beat 11 this week. Come on TEENS, we can do it...WE RULE!


Don't forget the POLL! It is over in the RIGHT side bar. Check out the results tomorrow. Monday is "Music For The Heart" day, where you can share your favorite video from YouTube.com. COME BACK next Thursday for more fun, another funny video, a new poll and the next "Hot Topic".

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Truth Wednesday - The Cosmic Battle Reality vs. Illustion submitted by Anne Morgan from "The Truth Project"

TRUTH Wednesday
The Cosmic Battle: Reality vs. Illusion

From the very beginning, the battle has raged - truth vs. falsehood, reality vs. illusion.
It started in the garden when Satan asked Eve, “Did God really say...” (Gen. 3:1)
But wait, not only did Satan question if God really said it, he twisted what God had said.
Sound familiar? Everyday, Satan does the same thing to us.

Have you ever questioned whether or not to claim that extra cash you made on your income taxes?

Have you ever turned away from a homosexual, or unwed mother, or a beggar because - if you’re honest with yourself - you felt they were somehow lower than you?

If you did, it’s because you’ve bought into the distortion of God’s Word that Satan has beguiled us into believing. Sadly, on some level, we all have.

The worst of Satan’s lies, however, attacks our souls, our being. It tears at the foundation of our belief system. And it’s at the very core of why we are willing to believe any of Satan’s distortions and lies. The big lie is:

“Are you really created in the image of God?”

This is the crux of the evolution theory. And it is Satan’s most cherished lie. If he can get us to doubt where we came from, who created us, he can shake every aspect of our faith. And most importantly, the message of salvation.

If we believe we are created in the image of God - Imago Dei - (Gen. 1:26) then we will also believe that we are born with a sin nature (Rom. 5:12) and that sin requires a Savior, and that Savior is Jesus Christ. (Rev. 1:5)
But...if Satan can get us to question, even on the most basal level, whether God is THE Creator, then he can whittle at every belief we have. If He is not the Creator, as He said, can we trust anything He says?
Satan’s goal is to keep us bound to him. His lies, and our belief of those lies, are the bonds he uses to achieve that. Make no mistake, there is NO truth in Satan, ever. (John 8:44) All Satan does is an illusion.
But praise God, the Reality, The Truth is that His Truth sets us free. (John 8:32)
Next week we’ll be looking at “What is Truth?”

Challenge for this week: listen for Satan’s lies, in your life, and in others. Let us know what you discover.

Last weeks challenge answer: 83 is the correct number of actual times Jesus is recorded as saying “I tell you the truth.” However, (Shirley pointed out) throughout Scripture God makes it clear that He is a God of truth.

Next Week: We will be looking at "What is Truth?"
Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Prayerful Tuesday

Prayerful Tuesday

I would like to share a prayer from "The Prayer That Changes Everything" by Stormie Omartian.

He is with me- I give God my praise!

O Lord, I worship you and praise you as Immanuel, my God who is with me. I long for more of you. I seek after you and thirst for you like water in a dry land. I want to stand under the gentle waterfall of your Spirit and feel the soothing mist of Your love showering over me. I want to be immersed in center of the flow of your Spirit. I want to be close enough to You to feel your heartbeat. You are the only answer to the emptiness I feel when I am not with You. The fullness of your Being is what I crave. The intimacy of your Embrace is what I long for. I know there is nothing or no one in the world that can do for me what You do. I want to feel your Presence in my life in a new and powerful way. You are far and above anything on Earth I might long for. You are all I desire.
Just being with You changes everything in me. Longing for You makes me long to be free of anything that would draw my attention away. Lord, I draw close to you this day. Thank you that You promise to draw close to me. With You I am never alone. I love your Holiness, Lord. I love your Beauty. With joy I draw water from the Wells of your Salvation. (Isaiah 12:3)
Thank You that You have chosen to be with your people. I am grateful that I don't have to strife to be with You, I only have to long to be with You. Help me make You the first place I run to when I have longings in my heart. I don't want to waste my time turning to other things that will never satisfy the need I have for intimacy with You. My soul waits for you, Lord (Psalm 33:20).

PLEASE PRAY FOR THE CRESSY FAMILY TODAY AT 7:00 PM! TODAY IS THE DAY THEY GO TO COURT. (Homeschooling family who were unjustly arrested for "endangering the welfare of their children" because they didn't hand in paper work.) PRAY THAT GOD WILL BE HONORED AND THEY WILL BE VICTORIOUS!

Please put your prayer request in your comments to share with every one so we can be PRAYER WARRIORS for each other.
Monday, January 25, 2010

Music Monday

Music For The Heart Monday

I chose this song this week because of how God has shown, Shelby, specifically, how much He loves her, and being able to see that and to see HER see that has been such a blessing to me.

John says, "I love this song because, It reminds me of the cross, and the sacrifice that was made for me. Thank you Jesus."

Shelby shares, "I like this song, because I don't care what everyone else thinks of me, only how God thinks of me, and that is very special!"

Noah says, "I wanted to pick this song because, I think it is a really good song. I like that it reminds me of His death "from one scarred hand to another" and that He will forgive and remember my sin no more."

Amy's video today is:

Trina shares, "I like this song a lot. I originally downloaded this song for bedtime music for Mariah and Mikayla. After Aaron died, night time became a time of fear and dread. This video became a source of comfort!"

Donna wants to share this one:

Emily shares this video with us and says, "That in our world surrender is portrayed as a bad thing. But really surrnedering to
God is the only thing that will save us."

Anne shares, "this isn't really a "Christian" song per sei, but it is powerful. I showed this video for a devo one night at the ministry and explained to the girls that this father's love for his daughter is just like our Heavenly Father's. And like the brother in the video, searching for his sister, Christ came to seek and save us. Remember, "it doesn't matter what you've done" He still loves us. Just imagine God singing this to you at that point in your life when you needed Him the most and Him smiling as you came home."

Dyan says, "This song reminds me that He who lives in me is greater than he who is against me. I know that God is much bigger than what life can throw at me and He will help me through it. Trust and lean on Him!"

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Soulful Sunday- Lies Women Believe About God - Part 1

Soulful Sunday
Lies Woman Believe About God Part 1
from the book "Lies Women Believe" by Nancy Leigh DeMoss

"God is not really good. If He were He would......."

This is not a lie that is always present in our minds, but some point we have thought this or even thought that God was not "good to me". This lie is the "core of much of our wrong thinking about God."
Satan used the ""seed of doubt and planted it in Eve's mind. (Genesis 3:1) The serpent implied "If God is so good, why would he keep what you desire from you? He would have given you everything you wanted."

In the world we live in, so many things happen to us, loss of loved ones, disappointments, pain, to just name a few. It is an opportunity for Satan to tempt us into exploring "If God was so good, how could he have let ______ happen to me?" "If God was good, why would he keep _________, my greatest desire, from me?" Or let's look at history. How many times have you heard "If God was so good, why did He allow the Holocaust?" or "Columbine?" or "9-11?"

"Once we doubt the goodness of God, we feel justified in rejecting His will and making our own decisions about right and wrong."

What is the TRUTH? The truth is GOD IS GOOD. Whether WE feel His choices are right and good...HE IS GOOD! Whether WE feel it is true in our own lives, HE IS GOOD!

Psalm 119:68 "YOU are good and do good, teach me Your statutes."

There have been so many times in my life that I have struggled with feeling the "goodness of God". Especially when my mom was unexpectedly taken from my life , in the way she had always been in my life, and placed 2 1/2 hours away in a Vent Unit. How was this good for me? "Lord, don't you know how much I love her, and need her? Don't you know how much my heart aches? You have gotten her through sicknesses before, why couldn't you one more time? You know I am not ready for this yet."
Even though my heart ached, He was there pouring grace on me, mercy on me and showing me how much He loved me. If there was ever a point in my life where where I had a true "Footsteps in the sand" experience, it was this time.
Our minds can not even begin to imagine the goodness God has for us as we can NEVER see the next step coming. Oh, but our Father knows.
unto your children, how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask Him?"

"A great many things in God's divine providences do not look to the eye like goodness. But faith sits down before mysteries such as these, and says, " The Lord is good, therefore all that He does must be good no matter how it looks. I can wait for His explanations." "
taken from "God is Enough" by Hannah Whitall

Here are a few things to think about until next time:

Romans 8:28 says " and we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose." Now read verses 29-39 as well. What perspective about God and His good purposes does this passage provide to help us face painful or difficult life situations?

Whatever difficulties you are currently facing, choose to "give thanks to the Lord, for he is good," and to claim the promise of Romans 8:28-29. "Lord even though I am facing difficulty regarding _______________________________ , I know You are GOOD, and You have promised to work that situation our for good. I know that Your commitment is to make me l like Jesus. Thank You that You will use this circumstance (or person) as a means to fulfill Your good purpose for my life." Amen.

Next week's Lie: God Doesn't Really Love Me.

So Far This Week:

I have run across many people who are having a hard time commenting or finding where they are to comment on the posts. They want to share their prayer requests or music videos and can't. I am hoping this will be easier. From now on, I will add the new day and the new day's topic to the home page post. Just click on the word "HERE" and it will take you to the post with the comment box already up and you will be able to see comments other people have shared. I am praying this will be easier for everyone. If not, we can go back to the old way.

Soulful Sunday - "Lies Women Believe" - About Themselves-Part 2- I Need To Learn To Love Myself. To see this post, Click HERE

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