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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Truth Wednesday - hosted by Anne Morgan - "The Truth Project" part 7 - "Science -Truth or Fiction?"

(this will be the last installment for awhile from this series, it will come back at a later time.  I hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have putting it up here for you.)

 Truth Wednesday - hosted by Anne  Morgan - "The Truth Project" part 7

"Science - Truth or Fiction?"

What do you believe about the creation of the earth? Did God create everything by the word of His mouth? Did everything just happen by the process of evolution?
There are only two possibilities - either the cosmos has always existed, or the cosmos had a beginning. Both pose a serious problem for those who deny the existence of a Creator.
If the cosmos always existed, then the question remains - where did the cosmos come from in the first place. If the cosmos had a beginning, then it has to have a Creator. Without a Creator God a beginning would be impossible.
The earliest scientists were convinced that the universe bore evidence of intelligent design. Keppler said that the chief aim of science was to confirm the work of His hands.
So, when did the world change it’s views?
In 1859, Charles Darwin published his theory of evolution in a book called “On The Origin Of The Species.” For almost 100 years, Darwin’s theory began to take root in the minds and hearts of scientists. But it wasn’t until the 1940's and ‘50's that a consensus developed natural selection was the mechanism of evolution.
Carl Sagan, in the 1970's stated “ Evolution is a fact amply demonstrated by the fossil record and contemporary molecular biology.”
Mankind flocked to Darwin and Sagan’s theory’s as if they were in deed fact. Without out question or demand of proof, their ideas were hailed as veritable facts. But do their theories hold up to scrutiny?
Darwin himself stated that his theory would absolutely break down if it could be demonstrated that a complex organism could not come into existence without numerous, successive, slight modifications.
Contemporary molecular biology has proven that for any evolutionary change to occur it would require not only small, successive mutations, but they would have to occur in multiple areas of the organism simultaneously; something that holds an infinitesimally small probability of occurring.
To further disprove Darwin’s theory one only has to look at a single cell.
In the 19th century the cell was thought to be a simple glob of plasm; just goo, nothing directing or controlling in it. Today, scientists know that the cell is filled with exquisite machinery. The cell itself cannot exist if even one of it’s components is missing.
It is in the realm of molecular genetics that we see the most compelling evidence that Darwin’s theory falls the test.
But what of the fossil record?
If evolution requires thousands of metamorphical changes, then there should be some fossil evidence of those changes. Darwin himself agreed that they weren’t there, but qualified this by saying that we just hadn’t dug up enough fossils to find them.
120 years after Darwin’s time we have a lot more fossil evidence, but even less support for Darwin’s theory. In fact the ‘Icons of Evolution” that were used for decades to proof evolution - the Peking man, the Piltdown man, etc. - have all been proven to be inaccurate.
Because the evidence was so overwhelming against spontaneous generation, Sir Francis Crick offered as an explanation the theory of “Directed Panspermia” - in other words: life began on earth when the first living cell was sent to earth from another planet.
Even if this preposterous theory held any merit, the question still remains - Where did the other planet come from and how did life start on it?
Theory by theory, evolution falls the test of fact. So, why do people still choose to believe it?
They believe in evolution because the consequences of rejecting it brings them face to face with a personal Creator.
This is a world view battle. It is a battle that is much deeper than a scientific theory. Evolution destroys any foundation for a standard of ethics or morality.. Man has exchanged the truth of God for a lie, so that he may be free to follow his inner desires.
The Bible says that “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” (Gen. 1:1) Ps. 19:1-4 tells us that “The heavens declare the Glory of God”
Are you hearing the heavens? And if so, are you truly following the All Mighty, All Powerful God of the Universe?
His power is incomprehensible. His glory unsurpassed. His righteousness beyond our ability to understand. Yet we mock Him ever day. Gal. 6:7 admonishes us to not “be deceived, God is not mocked. Whatever a man sows, that’s what he will reap.
Are you living under the mighty right hand of the God who breathes stars into being? Or are you mocking and doubting His existence to act in this world?

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