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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Prayerful Tuesday

Prayerful Tuesday

Prayer is such an important part of our relationship with our God. I thought that we could dedicate this day to praying for our sisters and brothers. We could bring our prayer requests not only to the Throne of Christ, but each other as well. I know for me, how touched and grateful I am when someone says to me "I prayed for you today." or "Is there something I can be praying about for you?" My hope is that we can lift each other up in prayer today, especially. That our Lord would hear and grant the prayers of His people today as we gather to pray for each other.

If you have a prayer request, just fill out a comment box. Others will be able to read them and they can also join in prayer for your request.


Tonya said...

My prayer requests are:
John and Shelby to be healed from their colds
For God to give the specialist wisdom concerning Shelby's knee
A clear sign that Shelby should continue to pursue the Peru Missions trip.

thank you all my sisters and brothers in Christ!

Tonya said...

Prayer request from Anne:
"could you just add Beth and I. We're both having a tough day. I think it's just warfare. And we have a lot of day left for us before we can rest."

Dyan Damm said...

Please pray for healing for our local Christian radio station's(The Joy FM)staff assistant's husband....he has been taken to the Tampa General Burn Unit w/ burns to 60% of his body and he's in critical condition.
Continue to lift him and his family up to the Lord!

noahjansartin said...

please pray for my dad that he don't get major sick. and that my sister's knee get's better. and me and my sister will get along better.

Tonya said...

Donna is asking "Please pray for the men and woman that are serving our country today.and for the family that is left behind to worry about them.Thank you"

Shelby said...

Please pray that my knee gets better, and that my appointment with the speacialist goes well. I'm hoping he can give me something to stop the pain.

Tonya said...

Tracie asks "Please pray for the babies in the orphanages that they may receive the needed formula, and food. Also that those being adopted are allowed to leave the country and arrive in the loving arms of their new mothers and fathers. Thank you"

marybeth mills said...

God is awsome.never lets us down.

sartinjohn said...

Please pray for my fellow co-workers, for there salvation. Pray that God would give me the right words to say. Please pray for my wife and kids that they will continue to get well.

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